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The Bayfront Parkway begins at Interstate 79 on the west side of Erie, PA and connects to the Bayfront Connector and Interstate 90 on the east side of the city. The study area starts generally at W. 12th St. and follows the Bayfront Parkway to E. 12th St. The corridor varies from 4 lanes to 2 lanes; however, the majority is 2 lanes with a center left turn lane.

The corridor can be traveled by motor vehicle, bike, on foot or using one of the multiple forms of public transit. There are approximately twenty intersections, with 11 that feature traffic signals, within the study corridor. A series of trails and railroad tracks run along the length of the Bayfront Parkway. Some of the trails are interconnected with each other while others only serve a small section of the Parkway. Additionally, there are currently five proposed developments along the corridor that could potentially affect the number of people traveling to and from the Bayfront in the coming years.

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