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Based on the feedback from the PAC Meeting, Public Meeting, and technical data, the Blended Scenario was developed that includes a mix of improvement concepts from the Mobility and Connected Scenarios.

• Blended West Bayfront
• Blended Central Bayfront
• Blended East Bayfront

Below is a matrix of all the Blended Scenario Improvement Concepts that identifies benefits, potential impacts, concerns, estimated delivery time, cost range and potential funding sources:
• Blended Scenario Improvement Concept Matrix

After sharing the Blended Scenario at PAC Meeting #5, it was determined that further analysis of the Central Bayfront Concepts was needed. The PAC suggested consideration for a grade separated option/Cap option at the State Street/Bayfront Parkway intersection that was more consistent with idea recently released in the City’s Comprehensive Plan and would make connections easier for pedestrians. As a result, the study team developed grade separation options and an updated overall Central Bayfront Concept that was shared with the City of Erie, Erie Downtown Partnership, Erie County, the Port Authority, and developers to discuss and refine the concepts.

Below is the mapping for the refined Blended Central Bayfront:
• Refined Blended Central Bayfront

Below are the two grade separated/Cap options developed for the State Street/Bayfront Parkway intersection:
• Option 1
• Option 1 - Rendering
• Option 2
• Option 2 - Rendering