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A public survey was launched on December 19, 2014 and asked participants to identify their priority areas for transportation improvements along the Bayfront Parkway Corridor. The survey was developed using MetroQuest, an online community engagement platform, and was available until February 27, 2015. Nearly 500 participants responded to the survey and left over 1900 comments.

The purpose of the survey is to gather your thoughts and opinions on:
• What type of transportation improvements are most needed along the corridor,
• Why those improvements are a priority, and
• Where those improvements should be implemented.

Survey results summarized
The survey consisted of five screens. The first screen was an introduction to the survey and contained facts about the existing conditions within the corridor and planned future development.

Screen 2 asked participants what changes to the Bayfront were most important. They were asked to select their top five improvement priorities from a list of eight possible priorities previously identified through stakeholder interviews. The survey results indicated an overall ranking of the eight priorities as follows:

1. Traffic Flow/Congestion
2. Pedestrian and Bicycle Access
3. Safety
4. Speed
5. Vehicle Access
6. Parking and Facilities
7. Transit
8. Alternative Route Improvements

For screen 3, the participants were asked to rate detail statements related to the improvement priorities they selected on screen 2. Additionally, respondents were invited to comment on the statements. Many aspects of the corridor where frequently commented on. To see the ranking results and the list of frequent comments, click each improvement priority below.

Traffic Flow/Congestion - Peak Travel Time, Non-Peak Travel Time, Event Travel, Alternate Route Travel, Alternate Route Traffic Signals

Pedestrian and Bicycle Access - Westside Access, Eastside Access, Downtown Access, Northside Access

Safety - Walking/Biking in the Bayfront Area, Walking/Biking Across the Bayfront, Driving the Bayfront, Turning on/Off of the Bayfront

Vehicle Access - Roadway Connections, Access Points, Traffic Signals, Downtown Access, Ease of Access

Speed - Lower Bayfront Speed, Increase Bayfront Speed, Alternate Route Speed, No Concern, Safety Concern

Parking and Facilities - Central Bayfront Area, More Garages, Bicycle Storage, Parking near Transit, Moving People

Transit - Current Routes, Add Central Routes, Add Westside Routes, Add Eastside Routes, Park-and-Ride

Alternative Route Improvements - Avoid Other Routes, Avoid Bayfront, Peak Travel Time for Alternate Routes, Non-Peak Travel Time for Alternative Routes, Remove Bayfront Traffic

On screen 4, participants were invited to drop pins on a map of the Bayfront Parkway Corridor to show where they would like to see improvements. Over 1100 pins where used by respondents to show improvement areas. After the survey was completed, a map was developed to show all of the pins in each category. Additionally, common themes appeared through the comments. To read the common themes click here.

The final screen asked two final questions. The first question asked participants how they would like the Bayfront Parkway to function. Over half of the participants (57%) who responded said they would like to see the Bayfront Parkway operate with a moderate traffic volume and speed serving primarily Bayfront amenities and the City of Erie with moderate vehicle, pedestrian and bicycle access.

The second question asked ‘what one big idea do you have to improve movement of people and/or good throughout the Bayfront Parkway Corridor today and into the Future?’ To read the common themes from this and the first question, click here.